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Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SBH) is an American international specialty retailer and distributor of professional beauty supplies with revenues of more than $ 3.9 billion annually. Through the Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group businesses, the Company sells and distributes through over 4,000 stores, including approximately 200 franchised units, throughout the United States, the United Kingdom (Sally Beauty UK), Belgium (pro- duo 40SHOPS M&A ), Canada, Chile,Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico (2000 Amstrong McCall 130 shops M&A), France, Ireland, Spain and Germany. Sally Beauty Supply stores offer more than 6,000 products for hair, skin, and nails through professional lines such as Clairol, L'Oreal, Wella, and Conair, as well as an extensive selection of proprietary merchandise.

Beauty Systems Group stores, branded as CosmoProf or Armstrong McCall stores, along with its outside sales consultants, sell up to 9,800 professionally branded products including Paul Mitchell, Wella, Sebastian, Goldwell, and TIGI which are targeted exclusively for professional and salon use and resale to their customers. They have also moved to expanding their brand basics, they now sell more products for African-American women. These products include Mixed Chicks, Shea Moisture and Curlys. The company made this move to seem more inclusive.

An employee shared this in a forum, "Training wasn’t great, management wasn’t great either. The company itself was amazing. You learn, grown and enjoy everything Sally's had to offer. But the management! The management was so so awful. And they didn't pick a good manager."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate/Key Holder says

"Company is not professional or organized"

Former Employee - Manager says

"poor communication, no advancement, no raises, dead end job this is why the turo over is so high. Never received a bonus even though I grew the numbers."

Former Employee - Warehouse says

"Management does what they want and will do anything to cover-up for one another. They treat their employees with disrespect and ensure they feel like just a number who needs to work faster!"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Store Managers are CONSTANTLY working alone but are pushed to help every customer and make sales goals. They have you hire multiple associates but barely give you any hours to give to them. My associates barely averaged 15hours a week because of constant payroll changes. You are expected to get tasks done (shipment, constant POG changes, price changes) but god forbid you do them when you have customers in the store. When I inquired about getting the tasks done before or after hours, I was laughed at and said I needed to “make it work”. There’s a clear disconnect from corporate and stores, specifically the “big guys” they go on Facebook live and like to band aid everything with “ we appreciate all you do!” During the pandemic, Sally’s was the LAST non essential to close and the FIRST non essential to reopen. The company clearly cares about the bottom dollar and not their employees. The CEO even posted a picture of him enjoying himself at a bar on his personal Instagram and labeled it as “pandemic Saturday” while his store teams were on the frontlines, dealing with the nasty customers and begging for answers on how Sally Beauty was going to protect us. They sent us some face masks and sanitizers and said “good luck, push those sales”. It’s a shame."

Former Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"Terrible company doesn’t care about employees at all and they promise promotions for forever but never follow through"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Company is disorganized You never have a true day off Raises are rare and low You are expected to use your personal cell phone constantly for GroupMe"

Current Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"pay, customers, taking on manager's responsibilities, no communication"

Former Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"paycheck malfunctions, incorrect scheduling all the time, degrading work environment, accused of morals"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"You definitely need to work at other stores or massive overtime to make ends meet. Pay is ABYSMAL, hours are awful, turnover rate is almost impressively bad. Upper management couldn’t care less how things get done, will not come help if you need it. There is no such thing as a true day off without worrying about something going wrong. The company fails to communicate consistently, and messaging at every level is basically a game of telephone. The district is currently bleeding managers with good reason, though I couldn’t say how the rest of the company’s districts are faring. There are ethical pitfalls everywhere you look, and blatant violations of basic workplace safety and workers rights. Lunch breaks are required, but there is no way to take one if you’re completely alone in the store or the only one with the ability to keep the store moving smoothly. No manager that I know has taken one pretty much ever. Even for funerals, there is no assistance from upper management in finding coverage for the store, forcing managers to miss portions or the totality of important family ceremonies. The money IS NOT worth it, don’t be fooled into getting stuck with this company. The beauty advisors only get minimum wage and are expected to make up any extra pay that they want with commission based items that the company can, will, and HAS cancelled on them in the past. No amount of experience or professional development is worth the constant anxiety and stress of not knowing what other garbage the company plans to throw at you on any given day. Jobs that require similar skill sets and pay significantly more than this company are opening up now, go and take those before you ever put yourself through this."

Current Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"Used until you're no longer needed and talked about behind your back by manager to whoever happens to be the favorite at the time"

cajera vendedora (Current Employee) says

"Muchas horas de trabajo, por lo cual no tienes vida social. No cumplen con el contrato a firmar, dice que hay días que puedes descansar los domingos, pero nunca te dejan y no te dan permiso, dice ahy que todos los días te dan una hora 15 minutos de break y nunca te dan esos 15 minutos. Todo esto sucede en plaza el dorado. Por cierto si faltas por u familia enfermo o por tu hijo, no les importa ellos ponen carta administrativa a todas las faltas, ellos quieren que te cases con Sally Beauty y Lolas metas de la tienda son inalcanzables, nunca llega tu bono y el sueldo es menor, del que ponen en la vacante.NingunoHoras muertas en el trabajo"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Have to do management work and paid unfairly and treated unfairly. Have to do all the work and paid less great experience for management but not well paid or appreciated"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management, nowhere to go from Beauty Advisor. No benefits for part time workers. Unfair pay for Beauty Advisors for the amount of work done. Only good thing is the discount. DiscountGod Awful Management, higher ups and in store. No benefits. Unfair pay for BAs."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Biggest mistake of my life working there. Employee heath isn’t taken seriously. You’re told or guaranteed certain amount of hours which never get received. Complete joke.DiscountsEverything about working there"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Management smokes pot in the bathroom and leave the store for hours at a time and part timers by themselves. Racist management make you follow POC around the store to make sure they aren’t stealing.Fun customers.Management"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked at another Sally's before this one and absolutely loved it but the manager at this location has no idea what she's doing. She accuses people constantly of stealing but never knows what the problem is. She is a bully and chooses someone for the month to be hateful towards. She can't decide when to follow and enforce the rules. She takes long lunches but barley works and is constantly out of dress code. As soon as she's back at work she attacks people as if she knows how the store is functioning weekly. If you set up direct deposit with her it won't come to your bank account. She makes a schedule then questions why people are coming in at the time they were scheduled because that's not what her calendar states. I also waited a full month for my first paycheck and received no extra compensation for waiting. The second check was dated wrong and I almost couldn't get it cashed. I set up direct deposit with her twice and still don't have my last paycheck. Never in my life have I been so stressed out over a job. I strongly suggest you don't work at this location, you'll regret it. literally nothing this job was awfulpaycheck malfunctions, degrading work environment, accused of morals"

Beauty Advisor/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Manager never took responsibility for her mistakes and would blindside workers with tasks that she claimed to teach them when she never did. She would be very rude sometimes"

Tx - Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They honestly don’t care if you help customers, they just want their numbers. Whether it was email addresses (which my job was threatened over if I didn’t get enough), or if I was “Too helpful” to a customer for “too long” (I ONLY spoke business, of a customer doesn’t know how to do something or wants to know how different products work that was exactly why we were there..) I was constantly getting talked down to and demeaned. I am a TransMan, and my pronouns and name weren’t respected until I mentioned contacting corporate and ACLU that they allowed me to put my chosen name on my name tag but nobody in the company ever used it, nor the right pronouns.10% Discount on Hair And Beauty ProductsWas coached to work through breaks, management was VERY unaccepting, and anti-lgbt, quotas for email sign ups, small cramped locations, constant changing to the locations of products on shelves"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Just don’t... go somewhere else they will play you and treat you like u are nothing. You’ll work very hard to please the higher ups just to be let down and not appreciated."

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Horrible place to work at. Management doesn’t care about their employees, the pay is TERRIBLE. pathetic cheap company that only pays their managers $15 an hour! What a joke!!! My manager has been saying illegal things about my disability and if he keeps on continuing I will be filing a lawsuit shortly with Sally’s. NothingEverything"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"This company doesn’t care at all about there employees and will specifically do anything to get money from you or not pay you what you are owed. They took 28 hours of vacation from me without permission and then said it was my fault for not checking and not giving them the money back when they never told me they had used my vacation. They also have made a worker I was with pay a large sum of money after she decided to quit because they said she was using coupons inproperly when coupon use was a big gray area that no one knew what to do and all they said was to make the customer happy so they ended up asking for money from her saying that was the same as stealing from the company.NonEverything"

Credit Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Illegal practices, no advancement, advancements based on tenure, not job performance. This company is in very bad financial shape, and I don't think they'll be in business much longer.Nice corporate buildingBad management and executives. They lie to you all the time."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ive EVER worked for in my entire life!! They treat you like your just gum on the bottom of their shoe..extremely poor management from the store manager to the district manager..DONT DO IT!!!NoneEverything"

Beauty Advisor/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Low wages, bad management, illegal practices , they treat you like you're not a human . If you call in sick they tell you that you have to come in anyway. They lie to you upon hiring and say you will be getting raises and free products every month. You get products every three months at the most and its usually stuff you cant use. I havent seen any raises.Free products sometimesEverything else"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company that refuses to pay employees the pay they deserve. Worked for this company for years and never got a pay raise. Upper management is ridiculous. The “district leader” was horrendous. She should be fired for the way she speaks to employees. Stay away if you want to work for a company where your appreciated. NoneEverything"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The company itself was amazing. You learn, grown and enjoy everything Sally's had to offer. But the management! The management was so so awful. And they didn't pick a good manager.Nana"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I highly recommend not working in district 205. The district manager is a very belittling person. Dm will go and gossip about mangers to other store managers creating Unnecessary conflicts. The company doesn’t care about its employees and there is no work life balance at all. You will be over worked and under paid. Corporate has a lot of half thought out ideas, none of which are productive anyway. They cut pay roll and over work management.Employees discountsManagement, no work like balance."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is a JOKE!! No organization, no communication, no team work, horrible pay Store managers get ready you about to work 6 days a week 9-10 hour shifts. Every time you turn around SOMETHING will change ... planograms never end and change on a daily! Oh did I mention you aren’t going to get trained at all and be expected to do the work and make sales. This is truly a company that does not care for their employees. In 18 months payroll shorted MY CHECK THAT I WORKED FOR BY MORE THAN HALF on more than one occasion!! Don’t expect to have a warm greeting from the customers either ESPECIALLY if you are taking over a store that is already broken because they will have no patiences and DEMAND that the product be there!! Rules change more often than they don’t . You will truly never have a clear picture of your job, but be expected to do it. I say this with the upmost concern GOOD LUCK WITH THIS COMPANY .... THEY WILL DESTROY YOUDiscountToo many"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management could care less about you. Huge favoritism, absolutely NO WORK/LIFE BALANCE!! Disorganized hot mess. They will throw you to the wolves, then criticize you."

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Just don't will go nowhere. Never got a raise. Was told its time for my review...which never happened. It isn't worth the aggravation.."

ash says

"I have been waiting on hold for over an hour because of a package that they said was delivered to my house, but was nowhere to be found. I also sent an email AND messaged them on social media, but no reply. Customer Service sucks and they are horrible with their online orders."

kimberly ferrell says

"Absolutely terrible!!” customer service” I’m an elite customer. I had multiple products delivered to my home at least a dozen times. I don’t to much like shopping in the store all the sales girls like to build your basket and encourage you to try new things. They tell you love it I’ll return it! Well their motto and policy didn’t apply to me because when I tried to return the two hairsprays and shampoo to the US 60 and Greenfield in Mesa the girl was so rude the products were only used once. I was told I would only receive half of the value that I was lucky to get that so I called the one 800 customer service number for Sally beauty and basically received the same terrible customer service and the problem that I had with that it wasn’t on sale and the price is on the shelf was exactly what I paid for them so you lost an elite customer Sally beauty. I ended up having to keep the products I wasn’t about to except half price when I paid full price just a couple weeks prior shame on you won’t be back"

Melanie Goforth says

"I went back to sallys a THIRD TIME trying to find a blue/black hair color . the one the 'professional hairdresser' gave me is PURPLE !!!"

Diana Barbu says

"When I tried to pay it said that the payment didn’t go through and to provide a different card; however my card was charged. I did not receive any email or confirmation. They are also not very clear on their website in terms of their holiday period over Christmas and NYE . I think I will wait forever for my order and the products were 30% more expensive than on other retailers .."

DisappointedDolly says

"Sally Beauty - White Lake, MI store is terrible! New manager/management? The WORST customer service. Avoid this store. It has totally changed for the worse, it looks terrible, shelves and products not stocked as usual, and most of all, THE rudest manager/boss lady/worker, whatever she is, who is coarse with customers and totally clueless as to what she is doing, besides losing loyal neighborhood customers. Check your transactions/ receipts, and don't dare ask this grumpy lady questions. Customer service is everything and this store totally fails at it because of the assumed manager/leader. Will resort to other friendly local stores even if we have to drive further, and ordering online from Sally Beauty, which has never been a problem."

Dory N says

"I wish I could give 0 star for this company. The worst customer service ever....they don't care about their clients. Used once and never again. Awful."

Paul says

"The had issues with my order and called Sally’s so unprofessional lady was talking about her life for 2 hours with me then I had to call back and was on hold for 21/2 hours no one ☝️ picked phone up there at home I heard dishes being done !im about to give up and not order no more if I can’t get ahold of someone this is ridiculous there probably blaming Covid sitting on there butts getting paid pissed off customer sally leftsd me no choice but the leave this review !!!!🤬🤬🤬"

JS Florida says

"They are not equipped to handle an E-Commerce business. Accept orders without knowing if there is stock. Online checkout system is incapable of differentiating between billing and shipping address. Tracking system does not provide accurate ETA or tracking in transit. Unable to intercept packages shipped to wrong addresses (even when addresses provided at order entry are correct). Customer Service not able to make judgement calls. Slow to troubleshoot. NOT Problem Solver. They are using an antiquated supply chain system."

Soheyla Marzvaan says

"Soon after placing an order, my pay pal account was charged. Usually with online orders the merchants , processes and ships the item/s before charging your card. Not only Sally Beauty charged my paypal account immediately, I received an email 3 days later informing me that the order is delayed with unknown status as to when the new promised delivery date will be. When I went on site to email customer service, I noticed that the status was " in process" , meaning it had not even been shipped .So I requested to cancel my order. The response comes next day saying they will not cancel the order ! The following day I received notice that they had trouble charging my credit card!! When in fact I paid with pay pal not CC. They are a bunch of liars. Yesterday I get another email saying they resolved my CC issue, and the order is shipped and gave tracking record. I went on he site today and they still show my order " in process" and not shipped. Further it says , they will ship items separately and tough my order qualified for free shipping, I may be charged ! I 'll never order from them again and as a matter of fact I'll never be their customer. I ordered online, because last time I went to an actual Sally's store, which is an hour away, the items( hair color) I bought were used ! half the color was gone with stain on the tip of the tubes and yet put back on the shelf ! Since both the store and online have problems with decent customer servcie and policies, as described , I don't recommend them to anyone."

Shelley Mendez says

"Sally's in Coral Spring #10304 have a employee that needs to be trained better for customer service roll your eyes at someone else's not me I purchased gloves didn't get my Professional Discount tells me she can't do anything about it call customer service which you can't get through to since all this covid-19 I been a customer for over 40 years And it keeps getting worse at Sally's I've seen people with bags of crap being returned you need to change things for the better don't add to the horrible customer service Rose also called her boss and said she also said basically to bad I will not be back at This sally's maybe none of them Good Luck that's why the stores are always empty"

Harley Moon says

"They have the absolute worst online customer service. I can't come in store due to living with someone who's high risk for COVID-19 so I tried twice to inquire about products but each time was met with a zero information, copy pasted unhelpful answer. They have a product recommendation subcategory for their customer support form BUT they give no help and no product recommendations, almost as if they don't want to help people actually make purchases...which is bizarre. What is customer service coming to these days? There are so many companies going this route, basically offering no customer service...and it's a mistake. I have zero confidence in your company now. You aren't willing to even recommend me your own products for sale to assist me in making a purchase! That is ABSURD. Beyond that, all customer service replies are sent via a "no reply" email so you can't respond to their unhelpful answer and be like, "Hey, you didn't actually give an answer...could I please receive an answer?" And you can't rate the help you received. You're left unheard and with no recourse. Look, I never leave reviews on these kinds of sites but I'm so fed up with this unhelpful "service" that I'm here to speak out. HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS. Ignoring customers is not a good business practice. Yes, it takes more effort and money to provide decent customer service...but you will get more repeat customers and more new customers rather than bleeding customers."

Brent Taylor says

"Worst company ever, white lake ,mi. Jeanette the manager is the worst with no customer service skills, if you ever have to return anything , good luck. Wont happen. Employees are untrained. BEWARE."

V. K. Burnett says

"Store no longer provides bags for customers brought items. I had to carry all of my brought items out of the store in my arms. Cashier asked if I wanted to buy a Sally's designed paper bag to put my items in for carry out. I THINK NOT!"

Sky says

"Only gave me HALF of my refund. Sent my package to the wrong address and then refused to give me the full refund. Not only that but their address system is very confusing."

Laoch Rione says

"My first online order went swimmingly - no issues, quick dispatch and very happy with my purchase. My second order online (which was a Christmas gift) was cancelled five days after I made it, which was just before Christmas, no reason given, just an automated email. My order was obviously bumped in favour of someone who made a purchase after me. No response when I emailed querying it."

Robin says

"I was the manager of Sally’s on 5th st reading pa for 16 years and loved everyday of it and made that store what it is. To bad they had a dm their that drove out all the long term managers. The only complaint I have is how can they bag your items and never tell you that you pay for the brown bag. Their are no plastic bags anymore. Isn’t it illegal to charge you and not ask you or tell you?"

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